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digital WEB producer


GRAPHIC & digital DESIGN and content creation

video editing  & publishing

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digital web producer

Personalized designs for websites on CMS platforms such as

Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy, including the following services and integrations: 

  • Backend Account setup (emails, users, notifications, etc.)

  • Domain and subdomain setup

  •  Favicon Design

  •  SEO & Google Optimizers

  • Social Media account links

  • Blog integration

  • Video or Podcast channel integrations

  • E-commerce store or portfolio

  • Image correction and reformatting

  • Instagram or Facebook Feeds

  • Newsletter signup form

  • Contact forms and customized forms

  • Payment integrations such as Stripe or PayPal

  • Embedded codes for video or audio players

  • ADA compliance check

I also provide basic training on how to access your backend and update simple features, how to send email campaigns and social media posts, how to access your contacts and many other features based on your needs. And I offer monthly maintenance for a small monthly fee.

digital web producer

Created a new website with an e-commerce store, payment integration, Shipping integration, Newsletter signup, Blog integration, Reviews plugin, Contact form, Social Media links, events calendar and a custom domain. Imported all images, client contacts and listings information from an Etsy store. Assisted with image reformatting, user account settings, email notification settings, newsletter campaigns, and social media store on Facebook and Instagram integrations.

Platform: GoDaddy